Painting your business comes with several challenges. For starters, you have to find the right time to get it done so you can maintain productivity. You must also ensure that the team you hire will deliver the best results. Then, after the job is done, you’ll need to focus on maintaining the fresh paint job so it lasts a long time. 

Of course, commercial painting is also messy. Splatters and spills can happen, and various tools and materials might get strewn about your business as your painters go about their task. You obviously can’t just leave your business in disarray. 

So, who’s ultimately responsible for cleaning up any and all messes after the paint job is complete? Do painters clean up after painting your business? 

The short answer is yes, painters should clean up after themselves before calling it a day, whether they’re tackling a commercial or residential project. However, every painting company is different. Some may take shortcuts, and you’ll want to avoid working with commercial painting contractors with a messy track record, of course. Here are some things to consider when hiring painters for your business.

Look at Reviews Beforehand

As you’re seeking commercial painters, be sure to read some online reviews before making the final call. Chances are, if a painting service did a poor job and/or left a major mess afterward, someone will write about it. And, if this appears to have happened even once, it’s likely to happen again. 

You can’t expect a painting company to have glowing reviews across the board, of course. Mistakes and misunderstandings come with the territory. But if a painting contractor apparently has a history of poor cleanup etiquette, take your business elsewhere.

Read the Painting Contract Closely

When hiring a commercial painting service, clarity is key. You should know the exact terms of your agreement with your painter so nothing is left to chance. As you look over and negotiate the painting contract, pay attention to any mention of cleanup. If it’s not crystal clear who is responsible for any messes, make a point to include this in the contract. 

Of course, pro painters should always include cleaning somewhere in the contract. It’s just smart to be safe and double-check that your painters are accountable for this aspect of the job.

Ask Questions!

On that note, don’t be afraid to ask your licensed interior painting contractors specifically about cleanup and any other questions you have. A respectable painting company should be happy to answer your questions and maintain an open line of communication throughout. So, speak up if you have any concerns or doubts.

Do Your Part, Too

While your licensed exterior painting services should be responsible for cleaning up any paint-related messes they make, keep in mind that you’re accountable for your business’s cleanliness, too. If you don’t make the proper preparations inside and outside your business, you increase the risk of getting paint on objects you want to protect. 

So, be sure to move or cover objects and features before painting begins. Your painters might handle this step, but the more you do to prepare for painting, the smoother the job will go, and the less of a mess there will be.

Cleaning up is a significant part of the whole painting process, and your painters should handle any mess they make. At All American Painting Plus, we always pick up after ourselves and make sure that paint only lands where it should. To learn more about us and everything we offer our clients in Northern Virginia, give us a call at (703) 620-5563!