While no two conference rooms are exactly alike, they all serve the same general purpose: bringing a team together to discuss a variety of topics with minimal distractions. The best conference rooms promote productivity and creativity. But what if your meetings aren’t breeding the positive results your business needs? There are many reasons for this potential problem, including the room’s atmosphere itself. Indeed, something as seemingly small as your conference room’s color scheme can hurt productivity. Why is this, exactly? Which colors are to blame? And which colors can turn your meetings around for the better?

What Does Paint have to Do with Productivity?

If you’re wondering how commercial painting colors affect workplace productivity, no one would blame you. At first, these factors seem unrelated. However, psychologists and researchers have begun to find links between certain colors and human behavior. Of course, the evidence is still on shaky ground. Plus, colors can affect people in different ways. Still, there seem to be general trends worth noting.

For instance, bright, saturated colors can stimulate brain activity but can become distracting and irritating over time. Dimmer, muted colors, on the other hand, can have a calming effect, sometimes leading to drowsiness. Beyond this, specific colors can also influence mood and behavior for better or worse, depending on the individual and desired outcome. Experienced interior painting contractors may be aware of the connection between color and psychology, and can help you choose the best colors for your conference room.

Colors that Can Cause Problems

So, which colors in your conference room might be getting in the way of productivity?

  • White: while not inherently problematic, too much white can have a dulling effect on employees, and come off as overly sterile.
  • Black: on the opposite end of the spectrum, black conference rooms are too dark and foreboding, hindering conversation and making the room feel too small for comfort.
  • Red: a little bit of red can get the blood flowing, but a completely red conference room can come off as combative rather than collaborative.
  • Gray: likewise, some gray can help calm things down and actually encourage dialogue, but too much gray can become drab, slowing things down.
  • Anything Too Bright or Saturated: bright, saturated versions of colors such as oranges, yellows, greens, blues, pinks– you name it– will quickly become distracting for your conference room.

Try These Conference Room Colors Instead

If you want to get more from your meetings, consider having your commercial painting services paint your conference room with these colors.

  • Beige: beige might sound boring, but this color can make employees feel comfortable while helping them focus on the task at hand.
  • Brown: as long as it’s not too dark, brown can make a conference room feel a bit cozier without becoming claustrophobic.
  • Blue: somewhat darker shades of blue can promote concentration and tranquility in a conference room.
  • Green: depending on its saturation and brightness, green can be energetic or contemplative– two essential qualities for greater productivity.
  • Anything Neutral or Muted: no matter which color you go with, it’s usually wise to go with a more neutral and/or muted version so it doesn’t become a distraction but still delivers its positive qualities.

Pick Your Productive Paint Colors

If your conference room isn’t optimized for productivity, it might be time to hire a painter that knows their colors. Ultimately, the colors you choose for your conference room will depend on your unique brand and the way you conduct your meetings. That’s why it’s important to work with a commercial painting company that will take the time to get to know your business and help you achieve your goals.

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