Deciding how to paint your office is a more challenging and important task than you might initially think. In addition to finding the right commercial painting services for your company’s needs, you must also consider how different paint colors might affect your employees, customers, and brand image. Some offices keep things simple and opt for neutral paint colors like beige or off-white, while other companies prefer to base their color choices off their branding. Which is the better option?

There is no clear winner. Ultimately, your office wall painting choices should reflect your unique needs and goals as a company. Both of these options offer their own advantages that might matter more or less for your operation. Let’s go over some of the reasons for choosing neutral colors or matching your brand’s aesthetic when painting your office.

Benefits of Neutral Tones for Your Office

Neutral colors tend to be a safe and smart choice for most workplaces, as they’re less stark than pure white or black, but not distracting like primary or saturated colors. As such, these commercial painting colors tend to promote a calm, focused, productive office. Neutral tones are also versatile, making it easy to incorporate decorative elements and furniture without clashing too much. Indeed, if you want your office’s appearance to match your branding (which may be much more colorful) without painting your walls anything but neutral colors, you can still do so by incorporating artwork, accessories, furniture, etc. that are congruent with your company’s outward aesthetic. This way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Why Match Your Brand Colors?

So, in what scenario should a business hire interior painting contractors to match its office walls with its brand’s color scheme? As it turns out, there are several instances where it makes sense to go this way. First, businesses that open their doors to customers, guests, clients, and partners on a regular basis might consider this option, as it reinforces the brand’s image. Second, matching your branding with your office paint job helps unify and strengthen your company culture. When employees come to work, they’ll be reminded of the role they play and their importance as team members. And lastly, matching your branding internally is a great move for future marketing material. For instance, any pictures taken inside your office will prominently feature your brand’s colors, tying everything together. This aesthetic agreement looks great for any company.

The Verdict

Whether you stay neutral, mirror your brand’s colors, or find some way to do both is your choice to make. Now, perhaps you can make a more informed decision. If you wish to prioritize productivity, stick with neutrals. If you want to bolster your brand for everyone inside, copy its colors. And if you’re struggling to make a decision, work with a painting company that’s willing to help you every step of the way.

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