How Often Do You Need Concrete Washing for Proper Maintenance?

Homes and businesses may feature a host of concrete surfaces, from driveways to garage floors to patios and more. Concrete’s prominence as a construction material can be attributed to its versatility, beauty, and durability. But just because concrete can withstand high amounts of pressure and wear and tear doesn’t mean [...]

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4 Problems You Avoid When Professional Painters Clean Your Exterior Steps

Whether you own a home, a business, or both, your exterior steps are more important than you might think. Functionally, they provide safe and easy passage onto a patio or directly into a building. Aesthetically, they enhance a property’s curb appeal and invite people to enter. As such, these features [...]

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Should You Clean Your Own Wooden Fence?

The white picket fence has long been a symbol of the American Dream, signifying property ownership, stability, and prosperity. Whatever your views on their iconography, wooden fences can complete the look of a home’s exterior while protecting its lawn, garden, and other features from outside forces. But while your wooden [...]

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Business Cleanup and Maintenance: How Pressure Washing Makes a Difference

What’s the most important aspect of running a business? Your answer is bound to be different from that of other business owners, but similar topics will probably come up, such as turning a profit, maintaining a strong reputation, keeping good people on board, etc. But behind all of these key [...]

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Don’t Let Your Home Wheelchair Ramp Go Without Regular Maintenance

For those with mobility issues, wheelchair ramps are important and handy home installations. Of course, just like your other exterior features, your ramp is susceptible to all sorts of environmental damage. Ensuring the stability and functionality of your wheelchair ramp is a matter of safety for anyone who uses it. [...]

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Power Washing: Does Weather or Climate Affect Results?

While your home gives you and your family shelter from the elements, it remains vulnerable to the whims of the weather. Over time, these external conditions can cake your home’s exterior with dirt and debris, which can harm both its appearance and integrity. Power washing your home is key to [...]

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How Long Do Deck Stains Prevent Rotting Wood?

Wood rot is most commonly caused by an infestation of fungi. These unwanted visitors thrive in warm, damp conditions and feed on the fibers of your wooden features. When wood is exposed to moisture, then, it’s only a matter of time before decay sets in. Fortunately, there are several ways [...]

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Door Installation: Is Reclaimed Wood Worth Using?

Doors can be built from many materials, but wood remains a classic choice for property owners. Of course, if you decide to use wood for your doors, you have plenty of options, such as oak, pine, cedar, and more. Further still, you can choose between new or reclaimed wood. In [...]

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Door Installation: Do You Need to Add Storm Doors to Your Home?

As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to protect your home’s exterior. That’s why it’s important to pressure wash your home every six months or so, repair your siding when necessary, and hire exterior painters when your paint job starts to fade, peel, or chip away. As [...]

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What if Stains or Marks are Left Over After Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is an important step to take before any exterior painting project, as well as something that should be done once or twice a year to remove dirt, dust, and mildew from your home or commercial building. Doing so will keep your property well protected and beautiful. However, the [...]