Interior Colors to Consider When Selling

Putting your home on the market is no small decision. But when it’s time, you want to sell it for the highest value. A home’s market value depends on several factors, including location, square footage, features, recent renovations, and curb appeal. One of the most significant aspects of selling a [...]

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Personality Colors: Are You Fancy or Fun?

According to some psychologists, your color preferences can say a lot about your personality. Certain colors are attributed to different personality traits. Reds might be associated with dominance or bold energy, while yellows exhibit happiness and warmth, for instance. It makes sense, then, that your personality will come through the [...]

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How Often To Touch Up An Exterior?

The outside of our homes can take quite the beating over the years. Wind, rain, snow, excessive sunlight, and other environmental factors all take their toll on a house’s exterior paint. Of course, a house’s curb appeal is a major variable in calculating its worth. So, you don’t want to [...]

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How Often Should You Paint An Interior?

You always want the inside of your home to look fresh and inviting. However, taking on a home painting project can be time-consuming and stressful at times. You don’t want to let the paint on your walls peel or fade, but you also don’t have time to constantly repaint your [...]

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Get a Backyard Face Lift for Barbecues

Are you hosting an end of summer barbecue? Or planning for fall events? Prep your outdoor hosting space with All American Painting Plus' exterior residential painting services and have the most popular back yard in your neighborhood! Unless you are a world famous chef, nothing will make you a more [...]

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Inside a Home Painting Contractor’s Arsenal

At Reston-based All American Painting Plus, we are always evaluating our painting processes. We’ve earned a reputation as a leading residential painting contractor in Northern Virginia, at least in part because of our consistent delivery of beautiful end products at affordable prices. We intend to keep that reputation, and to [...]

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How We Can Keep You Cool and Save Energy

It doesn’t matter if you live in Arlington or Herndon, Dulles or way out in Haymarket, summertime in Northern Virginia is hot and humid. The most common method of beating the heat is to crank up the air. Of course, when you do that, you are cranking up your energy [...]

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Why to Repaint Your Springfield House

If you are a Springfield homeowner and your house is looking a little…well, let’s say “tired,” it’s probably time to consider a home painting project. Appearance is a big motivator when it comes to deciding to repaint a home, but there are actually any number of reasons why house painting [...]

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Why Communication is Key for Us

Why Communication is Key for All American Painting Plus Quite simply, communication is key for All American Painting Plus because it is key for our customers. Our mission is to enhance, protect, and maintain a portion of our customers’ American Dream. Therefore, excellence is rooted in the foundation of all [...]

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The Best Paint Colors for Entertaining

  People paint their houses for all kinds of different reasons. Colors inspire different kinds of attitudes, feelings, and behaviors, and we’re not always aware of the effect that design choices are having on our psyches. The color that inspires concentration and reflection isn’t the same color that makes kids [...]