Professional Advice for Wallpaper Removal

Are you tired of looking at that busy wallpaper in the dining room of your Northern Virginia home? Are you upgrading your kitchen and the wallpaper has to go? Wallpaper removal can be a major pain, and it can actually cause some damage if done incorrectly. Reston’s award-winning residential painting [...]

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Why to Hire Licensed Painting Contractors

When it comes time for your home’s next paint job, it could be tempting to go with the lowest bid on Thumbtack, but there are a lot of good reasons to hire licensed painting contractors. We’re not just saying that because we are licensed painting contractors. We’re just trying to [...]

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Choosing Historic Paint Colors for A House

It might surprise you to know that people in the 18th and 19th centuries didn’t typically choose somber, reserved colors for their homes. Sun and oxidation might have dulled the appearance of historic homes throughout America, but this doesn’t mean that interior and exterior residential painting wasn’t once incredibly vibrant. [...]

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Whitewashing for a Natural, Beachy Look

At All American Painting Plus, we get a lot of calls for residential painting. Typically this involves painting walls and ceilings, though we occasionally get requests for more uncommon applications. One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen, both online and in person, is using a diluted white paint for [...]

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Think Before Making Your Room Black

There are those of us who have never before considered painting a room black. There are those of us who chose this as our bedroom wall color during high school. Finally, there are a few who successfully use black walls and ceilings to create a sexy, sophisticated atmosphere in their [...]

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