What to Look for in a Residential Painter

If you are planning to update your Northern Virginia home and you have decided to use a residential painting contractor, there are a bunch of things you want to consider to ensure you get a satisfying end result. This is particularly true if this is your first time hiring a [...]

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Using Barn Doors in Your Home Interior? Try These Paint Colors

We’ve already gone over how barn doors can add rustic appeal to any home interior. These functional and fashionable doors serve as stylish, space-saving mechanisms with plenty of versatility to boot. Indeed, once you’ve decided that you want to install barn doors in your home, you might struggle to land [...]

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Finish Carpentry and Moldings: Where to Look for Signs of Damage

Finish carpentry and moldings help complete a home’s appearance, adding flourishes that draw the eye and concealing gaps where interior surfaces intersect. These ornate wooden pieces can also protect walls and other surfaces from getting scratched up. Indeed, finish carpentry and moldings stick out both visually and physically. This protrusion [...]

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Is Crown Molding Right for Your Home Improvements?

When it’s time to revamp your home’s look, interior painting might be the first thing on your mind. Indeed, applying a new coat of paint and changing up the colors can truly transform your home. However, there are many other ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic beyond just painting. For [...]

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Will Covering My Porch or Deck Prevent Rotting Wood?

Even as summer comes to an end, there is still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy your porch or deck. Whether you’re relaxing with a cup of tea and a book or hosting a football barbecue, you want your outdoor space to look its best and stay strong [...]

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Finish Carpentry and Moldings: Can I Prevent Scratches and Damage?

Installing finely crafted finish carpentry and moldings can transform a bland interior into something memorable. In addition to their aesthetic value, baseboards, crown molding, rail trim, and other types of finish carpentry also help insulate your home at the edges and protect your interior painting from damage. But if finish [...]

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How Often Should I Repaint My Home Exterior?

Exterior painting is about more than just keeping up appearances on your street. A proper layer of paint on your home helps protect it from moisture, bacteria, mold, pests, and other environmental hazards. Failing to maintain, touch-up, or update your home’s exterior paint job doesn’t just look bad, but can [...]

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Kids Painting, Writing, or Drawing on Walls? Don’t Panic

You love your kids, but they sure can make a mess. Sometimes, it’s not a big deal. When things break, tip over, or spill on the table, cleaning up is usually pretty painless. Other times, however, you might come home to a more stressful surprise. Most kids enjoy expressing their [...]

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How the Pros Prime Drywall for Painting

New drywall is great, but once it’s up you’re not going to want to look at it for long. Before you get ahead of yourself and start painting, however, you’ll need to prime the walls. Fortunately, priming drywall is a fairly straightforward process. If you don’t have the time or [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:42-05:00January 17, 2019|

Drywall: Patch, Repair, or Replace?

You’ll find drywall in most modern homes and buildings. Drywall provides a cheap and fire resistant option for shelter and insulation. Home painters also have an easy time with drywall. However, while this material has its advantages, it doesn’t take much to damage it. On the plus side, fixing drywall [...]

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