How many people take the stairs these days? If your office has an elevator, this number might be pretty low. But even if stairs are the only way for employees and guests to traverse floors, your stairwells can still get neglected. After all, these areas are transitional; most people are simply concerned about getting from point A to point B. However, ignoring the state of your stairs can be a major problem for your business in more ways than one. So, when hiring commercial painting services to update your property, these areas should get covered, too.

Let’s go over four risks of not painting your office stairwells when necessary.

1. Slips and Falls

Stairs always present the risk of injury, but this risk is amplified when visibility is low. Simply put, poorly-lit stairwells with darkened and/or fading paint jobs are harder to navigate safely. If people can’t easily see where they’re going, they might miss a step or fail to notice a spill, leading to injuries ranging from mild to severe. Your business is liable for these injuries, so the brighter your stairwells are, the better. Hiring interior painting contractors to paint your stairwells in bright, crisp colors and shades can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.

2. Unseen Structural Problems

Speaking of low visibility and safety concerns, old paint jobs can conceal deeper structural issues that need addressing. And if your office’s stairwells are infrequently used dangerous conditions may not be reported. Whatever the case may be, keeping tabs on your stairwells is key to ensuring their integrity. You should clean and paint them as often as your other interior surfaces.

3. Decreasing Your Property Value

If you own the property in which your office resides, every part of it is directly tied to your business’ value, including your stairwells. In other words, your stairs are important assets, even if you don’t think all that much about them. As such, neglecting to hire a painter to coat and clean your stairwells only harms your business. Conversely, painting your office’s stairwells can maintain and even enhance your property’s value, giving your business a boost.

4. Harming Your Reputation

Your employees, customers, and anyone else who steps inside your office will take notice of its overall condition, even if only subliminally. The state of your stairwell says something about your business and its priorities. Even if the rest of your office is fresh and bright, if your stairwells are dim, dusty, and deteriorating, it tells people that you’re more concerned with face-value appearances than keeping your people safe. To maintain your reputation, have your commercial painting service cover every inch of your office and not just the main areas you think people will see. It makes a difference.

Taking Care of Your Stairs

In short, painting your office stairwells is a matter of safety, value, and reputation. If you’ve let your stairs fall by the wayside, hire a painting company with the knowledge, experience, and resources to update your stairwells and the entire office. To learn more about All American Painting Plus and everything we do for our clients in Northern Virginia, give us a call at 703-620-5563!