Are you hosting an end of summer barbecue? Or planning for fall events? Prep your outdoor hosting space with All American Painting Plus’ exterior residential painting services and have the most popular back yard in your neighborhood! Unless you are a world famous chef, nothing will make you a more confident host than an outdoor space that you are proud and excited to show off to your guests, and All American can give you just that. What are the different ways you can give your backyard area a facelift for your next barbecue? We’re glad you asked.

Power Washing and Deck Maintenance Services

If you’re grilling out, chances are you either have a deck or patio in your backyard. When’s the last time this space looked brand new? Further, when is the last time you had your deck inspected for damage or rot? All American Painting Plus can restore your wooden or brick structures with our professional power washing services. As power washing will thoroughly clean your surface of this summer’s pollen build up, your family members and guests with allergies will thank you!

Wooden decks are especially susceptible to rot and damage that can become a safety hazard if unnoticed or left unattended. Our professional contractors know what to look for when inspecting these structures, and are able to diagnose the issue and coordinate the correct plan of action for your deck’s repair. Our rotted wood repair and replacement service is ideal for deck owners who are in need of deck repairs, or want to have their deck inspected for potential damage.

Entry Doors

These high traffic areas are going to be on full display and receiving a lot of attention at your event! Make sure they receive the right kind of attention! Our professional painting contractors can refurbish and/or repaint your entry doors so they are inviting instead of repelling to your guests. We are trained to know the proper priming and paint needed to protect these heavily used doors from wear and tear as well as the elements. Not only will your entry doors look incredible, but they’ll look incredible for years of events that you host at your home.

Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood & Brick Siding

All American offers exterior residential painting services for all of the most common home siding surfaces. With a paint job from All American, your home’s exterior walls will be brought back to life. Second to your barbecuing skills, the next thing your guests will be impressed with is the exterior paint job on your home… prepare yourself for the compliments. Apart from painting, our contractors are also trained in color consultation, so we can help you pick the right color for your paint job if you are having trouble deciding!

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