Weather is fickle and sometimes unfriendly. We can dream, but we can’t control how fast the wind blows or how much snow accumulates overnight. Fortunately, our homes provide us with shelter from these environmental forces. No matter how unpleasant the outside world becomes, we can gather indoors and watch the rain fall without getting wet.

Our homes, however, have to take the brunt of the elements. Exteriors are wide open to all sorts of conditions, including hail, debris thrown by wind, and extreme temperatures. It would be nice if we all had force fields around our homes to protect them. Until then, there are ways to mitigate environmental damage on your home’s exterior. Here’s how All American Painting Plus can protect your home from the elements.

Power Washing

An excess of moisture can do serious damage to a home’s exterior. Mold spores and mildew can form if left unchecked. This is why it’s crucial to clean your home regularly. All American Painting Plus offers power washing services and always performs power washing before painting an exterior. Power washing removes any trace of mold or mildew as well as dirt and other unwanted material. Performing this regular maintenance will prevent mold or mildew from spreading and doing further harm to your home. Doing so also allows paint to better adhere to the home’s surface.

Exterior Painting

Home painting isn’t just about giving it better curb appeal. While a fresh coat of paint will certainly improve your home’s appearance, it will also protect your home from the elements. No matter what your house is made out of, the material is susceptible to environmental damage. A solid coat of paint protects this underlying material from such damage. The biggest threat is moisture. Not only does moisture cause mold and mildew to form, it can also lead to cracking and other physical damage.

Exterior painting introduces a protective layer designed to keep moisture away from the surface. This also helps to better insulate your home. Extreme temperatures have a harder time entering your home when it is protected by paint.

Rotted Wood Replacement

All American Painting Plus offers more than just exterior power washing and painting services. Another way we protect homes from the elements is via rotted wood replacement and repair. Over time, wood surfaces may rot due to moisture and other environmental causes. Staining, sealing, and/or painting these surfaces will increase their lifespan, but sometimes it’s not enough. If your wood is rotting, it needs to be fixed or replaced for safety reasons.

If we find isolated instances of dry rot, we can kill it and stabilize the wood. Otherwise, we will replace it, typically using PVC material. This lightweight, durable material will last much longer and hold up better than wood against the elements. Our professional painters will, of course, repaint these surfaces as well.

The better protected your home is from the elements, the more protected you and your family are as well. Whether it’s residential painting, power washing, or wood replacement, All American Painting Plus will do everything we can to make your home stronger and better looking than ever. Give us a call at 703-620-5563 or email us at for more information and a free estimate!