Don’t Let Your Home Wheelchair Ramp Go Without Regular Maintenance

For those with mobility issues, wheelchair ramps are important and handy home installations. Of course, just like your other exterior features, your ramp is susceptible to all sorts of environmental damage. Ensuring the stability and functionality of your wheelchair ramp is a matter of safety for anyone who uses it. [...]

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Home Repairs: 4 Places Wood Could Be Rotten

The leading cause of rotted wood is moisture. Until we can find a way to live without water, your home’s interior and exterior wooden features are susceptible to this form of damage. Fortunately, wood that’s been afflicted with rot can often be repaired if you catch it early on. In [...]

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Door Installation: Is Reclaimed Wood Worth Using?

Doors can be built from many materials, but wood remains a classic choice for property owners. Of course, if you decide to use wood for your doors, you have plenty of options, such as oak, pine, cedar, and more. Further still, you can choose between new or reclaimed wood. In [...]

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Finish Carpentry and Moldings: Where to Look for Signs of Damage

Finish carpentry and moldings help complete a home’s appearance, adding flourishes that draw the eye and concealing gaps where interior surfaces intersect. These ornate wooden pieces can also protect walls and other surfaces from getting scratched up. Indeed, finish carpentry and moldings stick out both visually and physically. This protrusion [...]

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Door Installation: Do You Need to Add Storm Doors to Your Home?

As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to protect your home’s exterior. That’s why it’s important to pressure wash your home every six months or so, repair your siding when necessary, and hire exterior painters when your paint job starts to fade, peel, or chip away. As [...]

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Finish Carpentry and Moldings: Can I Prevent Scratches and Damage?

Installing finely crafted finish carpentry and moldings can transform a bland interior into something memorable. In addition to their aesthetic value, baseboards, crown molding, rail trim, and other types of finish carpentry also help insulate your home at the edges and protect your interior painting from damage. But if finish [...]

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Commercial Painting for Workplace Health & Safety

There are many reasons to invest in commercial painting services for your business, the most obvious being to impress your customers by offering a clean, fresh, and welcoming atmosphere. More importantly, however, a new coat of paint in your office, storefront, or commercial facility can actually promote greater workplace health [...]

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5 Ways Moulding Improves Interior Design

When thinking about interior design, we often get caught up with color, furniture, and the way things are organized. While these factors matter greatly, moulding ties an interior together perhaps more than anything else. If this seems like an overstatement, let’s look at 5 ways moulding improves interior design. 1. [...]

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How Finish Carpentry Beautifies A Home

The main purpose of a home is to provide shelter. But homes are so much more than that. This is where people eat, sleep, relax, and gather with loved ones. Homes are like representations of ourselves, filled with the things we love and enjoy. While we all require shelter, we [...]

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How the Pros Prime Drywall for Painting

New drywall is great, but once it’s up you’re not going to want to look at it for long. Before you get ahead of yourself and start painting, however, you’ll need to prime the walls. Fortunately, priming drywall is a fairly straightforward process. If you don’t have the time or [...]

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