5 Creative Door Styles for Your Home Remodel

Doors are more than just portals from one area to another—they can also make an aesthetic statement on their own, elevating your exterior and interior spaces. In this way, doors present the perfect marriage of function and fashion. When you start thinking about home improvements and renovations, don’t neglect your [...]

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6 Benefits of Installing Molding in Your Home

Do you ever feel that your home is missing something? That it’s somewhat unfinished? It turns out the smallest differences can make the biggest impact on your home’s appearance. Properly installed finish carpentry and moldings might just be the solution you’re looking for in order to “complete” your space. These [...]

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Power Washing Q&A: Where is Mold Hiding on Your Home?

Power washing your home is a smart move for many reasons. For one thing, it keeps your home clean and maintains its curb appeal. Also, licensed exterior painting contractors will tell you that power washing is a crucial part of preparing for a new paint job. If these two reasons [...]

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Home Interior Painting: Which Rooms in Your Home Need Paint Touch-Ups Most Often?

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best, most durable paint jobs. If you want to keep your home’s interior looking fresh, you’ll need to do some touching up every now and then. Of course, every room is different, involving different levels of foot traffic and activity. Therefore, some rooms in [...]

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