6 Places for Crown Molding Installation

Making the most out of your interiors involves several small decisions that add up. From the interior painting colors you choose to the way you configure your furniture and decorations, every choice contributes to the bigger picture. One of the most powerful moves you can make is crown molding installation [...]

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5 Most Common Causes of Crown Molding Damage

Crown moldings act as beautiful finishing touches to interior spaces, adding aesthetic flair, sealing gaps, and concealing imperfections. Of course, like any other part of your home, these worthy additions can break down over time, especially if installed improperly or poorly maintained. In order to prevent this damage, it helps [...]

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Finish Carpentry: What to Do if Floors, Walls or Corners are Uneven

When architects and construction professionals build a house, they do their best to ensure the accuracy of every angle. Flat walls are meant to meet floors and ceilings at 90 degrees, for instance. However, this perfection is rarely, if ever, achieved. Even the sturdiest homes must rest on the ground, [...]

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6 Benefits of Installing Molding in Your Home

Do you ever feel that your home is missing something? That it’s somewhat unfinished? It turns out the smallest differences can make the biggest impact on your home’s appearance. Properly installed finish carpentry and moldings might just be the solution you’re looking for in order to “complete” your space. These [...]

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Is Crown Molding Right for Your Home Improvements?

When it’s time to revamp your home’s look, interior painting might be the first thing on your mind. Indeed, applying a new coat of paint and changing up the colors can truly transform your home. However, there are many other ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic beyond just painting. For [...]

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Finish Carpentry and Moldings: Can I Prevent Scratches and Damage?

Installing finely crafted finish carpentry and moldings can transform a bland interior into something memorable. In addition to their aesthetic value, baseboards, crown molding, rail trim, and other types of finish carpentry also help insulate your home at the edges and protect your interior painting from damage. But if finish [...]

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What is Finish Carpentry?

What makes a home a home? At minimum, you need a solid foundation, good insulation, and a roof over your head. But these requirements describe a house more than a home. To transform a house into a home, you need some personal touches, which come in many forms, such as [...]

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5 Ways Moulding Improves Interior Design

When thinking about interior design, we often get caught up with color, furniture, and the way things are organized. While these factors matter greatly, moulding ties an interior together perhaps more than anything else. If this seems like an overstatement, let’s look at 5 ways moulding improves interior design. 1. [...]

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How Finish Carpentry Beautifies A Home

The main purpose of a home is to provide shelter. But homes are so much more than that. This is where people eat, sleep, relax, and gather with loved ones. Homes are like representations of ourselves, filled with the things we love and enjoy. While we all require shelter, we [...]

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Pro Tips to Keep Your Deck Looking Great

Summer might be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to use your deck this fall. Cozying up by the fire on crisp nights is a favorite activity for many. Whether you plan on using your deck through the season or not, fall is a good time [...]

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