How to Make A Residential Paint Job Last

It takes time and money to get your house painted. Whether you are painting inside or out, residential painting requires the homeowner to deal with some inconvenient realities. In the event of a major interior painting project, residents may have to work around wet paint, scaffolding and heady paint fumes [...]

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Protect A Deck: Exterior Paint and Sealant

If you have a deck, or are planning to build on in the near future, congratulations - decks are great. Decks are the under-appreciated little brother to the porch. And though the deck doesn’t have the warm spot in our cultural imagination quite like the ample wrap-around porch, it can provide [...]

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Gray is a Timeless Choice for Interior Paint

There are some colors of interior paint and exterior paint which seem timeless. Grey is one of the best. While we don’t usually think of grey as colorful, exciting, or even particularly pleasant, grey is a canvas on which to paint the rest of your beautiful home. All American Painting [...]

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Choosing a Paint Color for Room’s Mood

You may not be an interior designer by trade, but this doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t have just the right paint colors for your taste and lifestyle. When selecting colors for interior paint, it can be tempting to select the same color palette for every room in the house. This [...]

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Whitewashing for a Natural, Beachy Look

At All American Painting Plus, we get a lot of calls for residential painting. Typically this involves painting walls and ceilings, though we occasionally get requests for more uncommon applications. One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen, both online and in person, is using a diluted white paint for [...]

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Think Before Making Your Room Black

There are those of us who have never before considered painting a room black. There are those of us who chose this as our bedroom wall color during high school. Finally, there are a few who successfully use black walls and ceilings to create a sexy, sophisticated atmosphere in their [...]

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