Office Wall Painting: Stick with Neutrals or Match Your Branding?

Deciding how to paint your office is a more challenging and important task than you might initially think. In addition to finding the right commercial painting services for your company’s needs, you must also consider how different paint colors might affect your employees, customers, and brand image. Some offices keep [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:42-05:00March 17, 2020|

How to Protect Your Office Paint Job in High Traffic Areas

Hectic workplaces can leave a mark or two, literally. If your office features high traffic areas, it might not take long for that once perfect commercial paint job to get scuffed, scraped, or damaged in other ways. These blemishes degrade your office’s atmosphere and can hurt your business’s reputation, so [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:42-05:00March 13, 2020|

4 Risks of Not Painting Your Office Stairwells

How many people take the stairs these days? If your office has an elevator, this number might be pretty low. But even if stairs are the only way for employees and guests to traverse floors, your stairwells can still get neglected. After all, these areas are transitional; most people are [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:43-05:00March 11, 2020|

Whiteboard Walls: a Growing Trend in Successful Offices

In an increasingly digital world, it feels good to harken back to simpler times, where words and pictures were drawn by hand, not just typed or dragged into a computer document. Perhaps this in part explains why whiteboard walls are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces. But there’s more to the [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:43-05:00March 9, 2020|

Is Your Conference Room Paint Color Hurting Productivity?

While no two conference rooms are exactly alike, they all serve the same general purpose: bringing a team together to discuss a variety of topics with minimal distractions. The best conference rooms promote productivity and creativity. But what if your meetings aren’t breeding the positive results your business needs? There [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:44-05:00February 22, 2020|

4 Problems You Avoid When Professional Painters Clean Your Exterior Steps

Whether you own a home, a business, or both, your exterior steps are more important than you might think. Functionally, they provide safe and easy passage onto a patio or directly into a building. Aesthetically, they enhance a property’s curb appeal and invite people to enter. As such, these features [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:47-05:00February 7, 2020|

Business Cleanup and Maintenance: How Pressure Washing Makes a Difference

What’s the most important aspect of running a business? Your answer is bound to be different from that of other business owners, but similar topics will probably come up, such as turning a profit, maintaining a strong reputation, keeping good people on board, etc. But behind all of these key [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:48-05:00January 27, 2020|

Commercial Painting: Do Painters Clean Up After Painting My Business?

Painting your business comes with several challenges. For starters, you have to find the right time to get it done so you can maintain productivity. You must also ensure that the team you hire will deliver the best results. Then, after the job is done, you’ll need to focus on [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:55-05:00December 11, 2019|

Commercial Painting: Should You Repaint a New Office Space?

Congratulations! You have a new office space. No doubt, it’s full of potential and you’re dreaming big about what you and your team will accomplish there for your community and your customers. Repainting a new office space is a great way to start fresh and put your stamp on things. [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:58-05:00November 28, 2019|

Commercial Painting: Does Your Office Building Need Caulking?

As a business owner, you know how hard it is to hold your enterprise together. To run a tight ship, you must always be on the lookout for weaknesses that might undermine your operation. This sentiment isn’t just metaphorical, either. Just like your business itself, your place of business needs [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:03-05:00October 18, 2019|