Home Interior Painting: Do Certain Colors Hide Wall Marks Better?

No matter how diligent you are, you can’t protect your home’s walls from every scratch, mark, or ding. Fortunately, you can often remove many of these unsightly blemishes with proper cleaning or paint touch-ups. But perhaps you’re tired of dealing with these issues altogether. In a perfect world, your walls [...]

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What is Finish Carpentry?

What makes a home a home? At minimum, you need a solid foundation, good insulation, and a roof over your head. But these requirements describe a house more than a home. To transform a house into a home, you need some personal touches, which come in many forms, such as [...]

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4 Places To Trust a Pro to Paint

There are plenty of reasons to hire professional painters to paint your home or commercial space. You might not have the right tools, experience, or time to get the job done yourself. Additionally, homes and buildings feature internal and external spaces that are incredibly difficult to reach. If you don’t [...]

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3 Common Errors When Hiring a Residential Painter

You’ve finally had it. Your home’s interior or exterior has needed a new coat of paint for months (if not years) and you’ve put it off for too long. If you don’t have the experience, time, or confidence to get the job done yourself, your only option is to hire [...]

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Special Halloween Residential Paint Jobs

This time of year is filled with fright, blights, and a few delights (especially if you love candy). The spooky season brings with it all sorts of horrors, whether on a haunted hayride or on the couch during a scary movie marathon. But perhaps nothing is scarier than a bad [...]

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6 Mood Altering Interior Paint Colors

Are you considering a new look for a room or two in your Northern Virginia home? If you are, you want to give some serious consideration to color selection. Why? Because the color you choose will play an important role on how the people in that room feel. Study after [...]

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Painting Colors Interior Designers Use

Summertime in Northern Virginia seems like an appropriate time to bring up the coolest colors used by interior designers in client homes. Given how hot and humid this year has been, imagine how satisfying it would be to walk into your house and instantly feel like you have entered a [...]

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Use of Residential Painters For Cabins

Do you have a getaway cabin or vacation home? Loudoun County and Washington County are beautiful areas with plenty of recreational opportunities. Perhaps the beach appeals to you more and you have a cottage on the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic. No matter where your vacation home is, whether in [...]</